05 Dec 2018

The different Dota 2 ranks - Your Australian Gaming Products

When you start playing ranked in Dota 2, you’ll want to know where you place and also the skill level of those that you will be versing. As your Australian gaming product manufacturers, we will tell you about the different ranks that you will have to climb your way through!

Keep in mind that no one knows the exact range for each rank (Valve likes to keep this a secret) and they are merely based off of players observations from playing the game! There a few things to keep in mind when looking at someone’s rank; remember that they might be on a second account or attempting to de-rank their account. The Dota 2 system is one that remembers a players peak skill level, this is to combat players using a smurf account to ensure gameplay stays fair.

Below are the ranks that you will have to climb through in order to play with the best of the best and don’t forget that our professional gaming products can help you with this:

  • Herald – 0 to 640 MMR
  • Guardian – 800 to 1440 MMR
  • Crusader – 1600 to 2240 MMR
  • Archon – 2400 to 3040 MMR
  • Legend – 3200 to 3840 MMR
  • Ancient – 4000 to 4640 MMR 
  • Divine – 4800 to 5440 MMR
  • Immortal – Get placed on the regional leaderboard

Be sure to keep an eye on your rank as you climb the leaderboard, competition will start to become a lot fiercer. You can buy a Dota 2 mouse to help you through the process!

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