12 Dec 2018

Best way to increase your MMR - Australian Gaming Products

There comes a point when everyone believes they are good enough to head into ranked play to take on the best and become the best in their region. Our Australian gaming product manufacturers have some essential tips and mindsets to play with in order to increase your MMR.

Sometimes the basics of a game fall through, which results in our MMR falling really low. Here are 5 things that can help increase your MMR along with the best mouse for gamers:

  • Make sure you stick to the easy heroes, especially if they will be giving you the upper hand in almost every match
  • Rotate like the game depends on it! Dota 2 is a game based around positioning and timing; outsmarting your opponents by constantly moving will surely put you in the right spot to win
  • Work with your team, even though you won’t know who you will be matched up with but being the cooperative player will help your team in the long run
  • Don’t forget to practice before going into ranked
  • Never play when you are tilted or angry at the game! You lose all sense of the basics and the more you end up losing the worse it becomes

While some of these tips may seem a little obvious to most players, it is important to understand that you should be on you’re A-Game to increase MMR.

Are you looking for new ways to up your set-up? Our Dota gaming merchandise will definitely help you get the upper hand.