19 Dec 2018

Tips on winning mid lane by your Australian gaming product manufacturers

Many people don’t know or understand the burden that sits with a mid-lane player, winning this lane has the ability to win you the entire game. As your Australian gaming product manufacturers, we find it crucial to know how to win the hardest one on one battle in a Dota 2 game.

The mid lane is a gladiator pit that is based around survival, last hits, denies and runes. Losing the mid lane early can cause quite a devastating snowball effect for the whole team. Winning mid-lane is important to ensuring your team has a better chance of winning the entire game; here are a few quick tips that can help you out and don’t forget that the our Dota 2 mouse for gamers can give you the upper hand:

  • Learning how to last hit your minions and also deny your opponent of last hitting has the ability to put you a few levels higher in the early game
  • Having the best map awareness is vital to your survival as a mid-lane player; you are the most vulnerable to ganks from the enemy team. Keep an eye out on the map and see if any players go missing
  • Runes are extremely valuable to a mid-lane player, having double-damage during a gank can almost guarantee a free kill

They are some of the key tips and tricks you should be focusing on if you are just starting out in the mid-lane. Don’t forget that our artistic Dota gaming mouse can give you the upper hand in some fights!

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