26 Dec 2018

Tips on last hitting using our professional gaming products

No matter what role you pick in Dota, being able to last hit is essential if you want to be successful in Dota 2. What is last hitting? This is when you land the killing blow a creep or enemy hero; successfully hitting this, rewards your hero with additional gold and experience points to level up quicker. Gold is your primary source of currency in Dota 2 and ensuring you farm quickly during the early game can help you put your professional gaming products to use in the team fights.

Learning how to last hit with a wide range of heroes is important as you won’t be able to play with the one character all the time. We have some tips on last hitting while using our affordable gaming mouse:

  • Make sure you turn on health bars for all creeps, not knowing their health makes it impossible to get last hits done
  • Avoid auto-attacking the creeps, this should only be done if you are attempting to push lane; doing this can also set yourself up to be ganked
  • Know your creeps – remember that melee creeps have more health than caster creeps
  • Use spells to farm your lane as you might want to save your mana for a fight
  • Denying creeps is essential, once a friendly creep is below 50% health you can force attack it (press ‘A’ and left click) to kill it yourself. Doing so will deny the enemy from extra experience and gold
  • Keep the creeps out of your tower – balancing them in the middle of the lane is important

They are some of the key tips you need to know about last hitting creeps, if you become an expert at this then you have the ability to out play and level any opponent you face. Don’t forget that playing with the best gaming mouse for Dota is vital to helping trump your enemies.

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