31 Dec 2018

Dota 2 tower mechanics - Australian Gaming Products

Learning the mechanics of a game is essential when you are first starting out and one of the most basic yet most important Dota 2 mechanics is how the towers work. Your Australian gaming product manufacturers will explain to you the basic system of towers in Dota 2.

The best way to describe the way they attack is “Tower Agro” which is how and when a tower shoots/attacks the enemy. Here is what you need to know about tower mechanics when using our Dota gaming products:

A tower will re-evaluate their target when:

  • The current target dies
  • The current target leaves the range of the tower
  • The current target attacks something else more important
  • A hero attacks another hero

Towers choose their targets in this order of importance:

  • Heroes attacking heroes
  • Creeps attacking heroes
  • Enemy units attacking the tower
  • Enemy units within attack range
    When a tie occurs, the tower will choose a target at random

Tips for playing the tower:

  • Spells don’t count as attacking a hero
  • Don’t right click the enemy hero as it will draw tower agro
  • Attack an allied creep to force the tower to choose another target
  • If you are wanting to push the tower, wait until your creeps are attacking the tower first and then you can hit it, or you will take the tower agro

They are some of the most important tower mechanics that you need to be aware of when first starting out in Dota 2. If you are looking at upgrading your set-up too, then be sure to try out our Dota gaming merchandise.

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